Organic Puerh & Turmeric Tea 

Organic Puerh Tea with Turmeric Loose Leaf

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Pu Erh is a well known classic Chinese tea. Pu Erh tea benefits are plenty and by blending in the medicinal turmeric, the result is a wonderful modern beverage. The taste of Pu Erh is not overshadowed by the additional ingredients. Instead, it melds harmoniously together to bring you a unique loose leaf tea brew.

Origin: USA

Ingredients: All Organic Ingredients, Puerh Tea, Cacao Nibs, Pepper, Orange Peel, Turmeric

Type of Tea: Black

Caffeine Level: Caffeinated

Brewing Temperature: 205-212 F/ 96-100 C

Brewing Time: 3-5 Minutes

Flavor: Earthy, Woody, Musky