Our Story

assam Green tea farms

Inspired by the evergreen tea estates of Assam and the magical hills of Haflong, Haflong Tea endeavours to provide a place of peace and happiness through the expression of our unique and flavourful teas. We specialise in creating rich and aromatic blends by processing handpicked high-quality tea leaves from only the finest organic estates all across the world.

We are a Singaporean brand founded by tea sommelier and CEO Sharmistha Sen. We work with the best tea masters and gardeners from all over the world, some boasting 100-year old legacies. Our artisanal teas are a product of combining elaborate and traditional tea-plucking techniques with modern manufacturing processes to preserve the taste and quality of the leaves.

 haflong tea collection

Aroma is the essence of fine tea. We place an emphasis on preserving the original taste and fragrance of the tea through our unique and eco-friendly packaging. We offer a wide variety of unique and exclusive teas spanning the taste spectrum. At Haflong Tea, you can find a perfect tea for every occasion, from rejuvenating oriental variants with floral undertones to malty tea flavours that portray the purest essence of Assam.

Whether you are looking for the rarest teas or your everyday favourites, our selection of delectable, ambrosial, and luxurious variants will give you an extraordinary tea brewing experience every day.