Appreciating the terroir

Tea takes on a unique flavour from the region where it is grown, different types of tea exhibit distinct characteristics based on where they are grown. From environmental factors like humidity and weather to soil quality and flora and fauna of the region, various conditions determine the flavour profiles of different teas.

Terroir can have a subtle yet significant effect on each tea. Through extensive research and development, our team has travelled all over the world to discover the best organic tea gardens across the globe from the slopes of the Southern Barak Valley region of Assam to the exotic Kenyan highlands, to bring you our unique and exclusive selection of teas.


The farmers we associate with work in harmony with nature to create a sustainable product that does not harm the environment. By ensuring a balance through natural fertilisers and biopesticides, we present taste and quality that far exceeds any ordinary blend without compromising the environment.

So, we hope you take a moment to consider the unique blend of terroir and cultivation the next time you have tea!