Orchid organic tea Collection
Heritage Collection - Signature Tea Gift Set
Orchid Collection Tea Gift Box

Heritage Collection - Signature Tea Gift Set

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Be transported into the world of exquisite taste where luxury is defined by the state of art. Play with the notes as you enjoy the flavors that unfold in every sip.

Collection of 10 different handcrafted tea brought by artisan farmers from around the world

  • A brochure
  • A Card for a personal note
  • Tesoro Del Te- 2 tea bags
  • Song of the Sea- 2 tea bags
  • Safran Des Indes- 2 tea bags
  • Spirito Di Vita- 2 tea balls
  • Tales of Assam - 4 tea bags
  • Oriental Bliss- 4 tea bags
  • Amour Épicé- 4 tea bags
  • Kakao Kreme - 4 tea bags
  • Verda Rozo- 4 tea bags
  • Angelo Tè- 4 tea bags