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Golden Gift Box

Golden Gift Box

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The perfect gift set for the tea drinker on the go! This box is the starter kit for anyone who is looking to begin their tea drinking journey. Choose 1 out of our 5 best selling Loose teas and receive it together with a Borosilicate tumbler with a strainer and a silicon handle.

The teas are: Milky Oolong, Second Flush Darjeeling, Green Tea Immunity, Safflower Safari (Herbal, Non-caffeinated), Lavender (Herbal, Non-caffeinated). When checking out, please indicate which tea you would like.


-1 Borosilicate Glass Tumbler with a strainer and a silicon handle
-1 Best wishes card
-1 Loose Tea Tube of your choice

Ingredients of Teas:
-Milky Oolong: Chinese Oolong Tea
-Second Flush Darjeeling: Organic Second Flush Darjeeling
-Green Tea Immunity: All Organic Ingredients; Green Tea, Orange, Peach, Ginger
-Safflower Safari: All Organic Ingredients, Rooibos, Safflower, Honeybush, -Rosehips
-Lavender: Organic Lavender