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Organic Tea

Shop from our selection of luxury Organic Tea Online.We're are proud to develop and offer our best quality and selection of certified organic black, green, flavored and herbal teas.


Silver Needle Tea (Tesoro Del Te)

Silver needle tea is a limited edition tea made from handpicked silver buds which is minimally processed to retain the antioxidants. This kind of tea is an art.


FTGFOP Orthodox Tea (Tales of Assam)

Assam Orthodox Tea is very well known for its malty and brisk taste. Tales of Assam in our collection is the single estate tea with FTGFOP grade tea leaves.


Turmeric Herbal Tea (Safran Des Indes)

Organic Turmeric Herbal Tea has varied ingredients along with Turmeric makes this truly outstanding. We call this tea Safran Des Indes which means Turmeric in French.


Masala Tea (Amour Épicé)

Buy Organic Masala Tea which is known as power tea through generations. The name Amour Épicé relates directly to the love & art of the spices that we use in this blend.


Chocolate Tea (Kakao Kreme)

Organic Chocolate Tea lovers who want to try traditional teas with a twist. Celebrate life’s beautiful moments with Kakao Kreme from our Exotic Black Blends


Oolong Tea (Oriental Bliss)

Though it comes from the same plant Camellia Sinensis, it is neither green or black tea but somewhere in between the two. The difference lies in the oxidization process.


Rose Green Tea (Verda Rozo)

Verda Rozo (Organic Rose Green Tea ) means Green rose. Enjoy the amazing benefits of green tea along with the delicate floral notes and freshness of country Rose.


Blue Flower Green Tea (Song of The Sea)

Organic blue tea is indeed a unique blend & is made by seeping dried butterfly-pea flowers in water and can be enjoyed both hot and cold Buy Right now


Turmeric Green Tea (Angelo Tè)

Turmeric Green Tea has the goodness of Turmeric with the benefits of green tea. This is an ideal tea blend for everyday brewing. A sure way to keep up the immunity & be healthy.


All Tea

Halflong Tea is one of the best brand and company for tea! When you want to be drinking gourmet, all natural tea made from premium tea and we also provide luxury Tea all over the world.



Haflong thrives on premium quality. Be it tea, ingredients for blends, packaging, service, partnership, we are there to give you the best.



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