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Song of the Sea - Butterfly Pea Flower Green Tea

Handcrafted organic Assam green tea and organically grown butterfly blue pea flower.

Biodegradable Tea Bags

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Blue Tea :

The typical process of manufacturing blue tea involves seeping and immersing dried butterfly-pea flowers in hot water, although the beautiful taste of blue tea can be savoured both hot and cold. Blue tea is known for its visual beauty but it is the natural earthy flavour of blue tea that makes it a popular choice for tea enthusiasts all over the world. It is also extremely popular among the health-conscious for its extremely low-caffeine content.

Owing to its stunning natural colour and splendid visual appeal, it is the perfect drink to be served to guests. You can add a small slice of lemon for that extra zing. The rich yet delicate relish of Blue tea leaves a lingering aftertaste that you will love.

Blue tea is a flavourful herbal brew that has truly made its mark on tea enthusiasts around the world. Whereas the calming benefits of Chamomile tea are well-known around the world, the world is now slowly waking up to the wonders of Blue-pea flowers. Uplifting and calming, Blue tea can be savoured both hot and cold.

There are several health benefits of blue tea such as weight loss and the effective management of stress. It is rich with antioxidants that help in fighting the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Being a floral concoction of essences, it also helps in inducing a sense of calm and tranquillity. It is widely regarded as one of the most fragrant and aromatic floral teas. It is a relatively new concept which is growing increasingly popular among people of all age groups.

Blue tea also provides proven benefits in regulating the metabolism of the body. Many experts have stated that in terms of the overall benefits that it provides to health and wellness, it is even more beneficial than green tea. It has been established through several research findings that blue tea is packed with more antioxidants than green tea.

This magical tea is unquestionably unique. Watch as the butterfly pea flower slowly turns your tea blue. Add some lemon juice to see an exquisite shade of purple. The health properties of this blue pea flower tea are sure to boost your mood while you appreciate the fresh, floral, and earthy notes in every sip.

This herbal infusion cleanses the body and improves skin health as it contains anti-aging properties. This butterfly pea tea is extremely rich in antioxidants and is an instant stress reliever.

Origin: Handmade with love by the local farmers of Upper Assam (India).

Ingredients: Organic Assam Green Tea, Organic Butterfly Blue Pea Flower

Pack Size: 15 x 2.5g

Type: Green

Caffeine level: Low

Brewing temperature : 75-80°Celsius / 167-176°Fahrenheit

Brewing time: Teacup: 2 mins/ Teapot: 3-4 mins

Re-steeping Teacup: 3-5 times.

Re-steeping time: 4,6,8 minutes

FLAVOR: Slightly aromatic, earthy undertone, deep green tea base, full of freshness

EFFECT: Relaxing

PERFECT for An afternoon or evening tea


  • Fill kettle with fresh water. Do not use previously boiled water. Water that has been previously boiled loses oxygen and can weaken the flavor of your tea.
  • Ensure water is heated to the proper temperature for steeping
  • Warm the teapot and/or teacup with hot water. Pour some of the freshly heated water in teapot or teacup and rinse. This will warm the teapot or teacup, keeping tea hot for a longer period of time.
  • Pour the water and brew the tea. Let the tea infuse for three to five minutes depending on your desired strength. When your tea is steeped, remove the infuser.

To discover the delicate subtleness of each blue tea always follow the instructions. Feel free to experiment with dosage, time, or temperature when you get accustomed to tea. Higher temperatures, larger amounts of leaves, and longer steeping time will result in stronger tea with more astringency.


Client Reviews

Organic Black Tea
The tea can came in a nicely packaged box and I love how smooth the tea is :) love it with milk too!


I like the taste of the tea especially coming from the orange peel. It’s not too sweet for me as well!

Yinghua L.

Totally love the fragrance and the taste of this tea! The color is so pretty as well. I’m also a big fan of pretty packaging. ❤️😍

Apple N.

Love the tin packaging and of course, the actual tea that is so fragrant and aromatic. Comes in individual packets which is always a plus, makes it very convenient for a daily morning or afternoon tea!


This is an Assam green tea with organic rose petals. Really light yet refreshing, with a floral undertone that is not overpowering. Good for cleansing the palate too!

Charyz O.

Amazing! Didn’t know chocolate tea exists! This tea has a deep aroma with a hint of chocolate. Delicious! 💖

Michelle K.

Love this tea! Taste exactly as described, the comforting and relaxing helps a lot with sleepless nights

Carlers T.

fast delivery and item came in perfect condition. The tea tastes very fresh and floral, just the way tea should be. The interesting colour made it very fun to drink as well!


The tea is very fragrant and i love it! It does contains caffeine which keeps me awake in the day, but doesn’t affect with my sleep. Highly recommended to try it, by far my favourite tea ☺️

Celine H.

Item was packed nicely and came in good condition. Love the smell and taste of the tea as well! Will purchase again!

Foo Y.

Love the combination of tea and chocolate! Smells really fragrant and yummy! My family love it too... best purchase!

Angelina P.

Worth the money as there are 15 tea bags inside! Very relaxing and calming as i drank this during my study break😌 have a little green tea taste to it which i really like:) the color definitely attracts me!

Chung W.

Well received the tea with great packaging and swift response. Love the subtle fragrance of this luxurious tea and the delicate flavour. 😊


Love the fast delivery! Seller packed the tea nicely and quality of tea is good. Will order again!

Alyssa C.

Tea has a slight sweet sensation. Refreshing and relaxing after drinking! Love it especially with the exotic taste👍🏻

Evelyn L.

Nice packaging that looks really attractive. Great handcrafted green tea. Drank it for my afternoon tea break. Appreciating the fresh and floral at every sip, this tea makes me feel calm!


Delivery was very fast and the tea was packaged really well! The tea smells super good too!

Megan T.

Love the awesome blend of cocoa and organic Assam tea. Great breakfast , tea and with dessert

Jaime C.

My new fave tea! Love the combination of green tea and blue pea! I put fresh lemon to make it extra!!!


love the floral taste of this tea! and how its so calming to the souls!