Our Story

Haflong Tea is a Singapore Brand which specialize in bringing delightful variants of teas by processing high-quality tea leaves procured from organic plantations across the world. Our flavourful variants are made from hand-picked full-leaf tea plants grown in the finest organic tea estates.

The name Haflong Tea is the combination of the magical essence of hills in Haflong and the pristine tea estates of Assam. Surrounded by beautiful hills, lakes, waterfalls and nearby tea gardens this is a place to find peace and happiness.

We are passionate about bringing luxurious, flavoursome & delectable teas to you that give you an extra-ordinary tea brewing experience every single day. 

Haflong Tea
Building a healthy lifestyle

We also bring to you some of the rarest teas while preserving their native flavour and aroma. You can choose from rich blends made from the combination of elaborate tea picking and manufacturing processes. Our rich and aromatic teas are made using modern techniques and processes.

Our tea masters have years of experience in the fine craft of making artisanal teas. The defining factor for making flavoursome teas is putting the tea leaves through a controlled oxidation process. Adequate oxidation as per the specific requirement of the variant ensures that the tea gives the required colour from a mild mint green to a burnt golden to a strong black as per the variant.

While bringing our special tea variants to you, we also lay special emphasis on providing secure packaging that helps our teas retain their flavour and taste. If you are tea-lover, we have a flavour for every mood. From revitalizing oriental variants with sweet floral notes to the full-bodied malty taste of Assam tea made from the finest tea leaves of Assam tea plantations. From fragrant fruity flavours to toasty earthen flavours, you are in for a special treat with our selection of rich tea variants. 

We are coming up with many new collections of teas from all over the world. Please join our mailing list and stay tuned for updates.