Your Guide to Green Tea - Flavour, Loose Leaf, Tea Bag, Matcha?

Green Tea, similar to black tea, is derived from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Aside from consumption, green tea has been used as an active ingredient in skincare products due to the high levels of antioxidants. From the traditional loose leaf tea to desserts, green tea is now served in various forms. 

There are so many varieties of green tea available. Single estate green teas are differentiated not only by flavours but by the process in which they are manufactured. For example, a crucial step in developing Sencha is the steaming process that prevents further oxidation of the leaves. 

Green Tea Jasmine

Tea enthusiasts have built on this strong foundation and brought us new blends. Fruits, flowers and naturally, herbs, have been used to create diverse flavour profiles. Green Tea Immunity features a blend of green tea, orange, peach and ginger. A warm and fruity loose leaf green tea blend that introduces a citrus touch to a soft, light green tea base. 

As the name suggests, Green Tea Refresh, is a refreshing and vegetal brew. The sharp freshness from the leaves rejuvenates the weary. 

Green tea immunity

Tea bags were introduced to provide convenience to the everyday tea drinker. Here at Haflong Tea, our Angelo Tè, Song of the Sea and Verda Rozo are rich green tea blends, packed full of flavour. Turmeric is a key ingredient in Angelo Tè. Not only does it provide a rich taste, the health benefits from this ayurvedic medicine makes it an optimal choice for warming you up on a cold rainy day. 

Verda Rozo marries the aroma and soft sweetness of English Roses with green tea. Combined with the convenience, these popular green tea bags make a great gift. 

Song of the Sea is a gentle green tea brew blended with butterfly blue pea flowers. Inspired by the changing hues of the ocean along with the sunlight, this green tea sings a beautiful song of the sea. 

Tea Bags I Haflong

When we speak of green tea, Matcha often comes up. This popular flavour is used in all sorts of confectionery. What is Matcha and is it just green tea? The short answer is yes, matcha is green tea. However, although both are products of the tea plant, there are many differences that set them apart. For one, as many people are familiar with, matcha is a powdered tea, made by grounding up whole tea leaves. We shall explore more about the differences in another blog. 

For now, this concludes our guide to green tea. We hope this has been an insightful read and we encourage you to try any of our green teas.