Collection: Organic Silver Needle Tea

This beautiful bright apricot-colored silver needle tea is rich with an inviting taste. This divine golden-colored organic silver needle white tea hides plush flavors that are succulent and pure. The fresh, mellow, and sweet flavor is a wholesale departure from other bold and strong tea variants. It is among the most delicate and subtly flavored tea variants owing to the minimal processing involved in its production. It gets its mild flavor from the premature harvesting of young tea-buds when they are still in the stage of infancy, covered in fine white fibers. The flat white color is also the reason why white tea is called so.

Owing to its many benefits to overall beauty and skin health, it is also called BEAU’-TEA. White tea is often known as the “tea of eternal youth”. It is packed with antioxidants and is the power-packed potion of youth known to keep your skin soft supple and young. It is therefore consumed widely for its numerous benefits to beauty and holistic health.