Collection: Buy Oolong Tea In Singapore

Oolong tea is an exotic handmade artisan tea that has made its way into craft teas, cocktail teas, and dessert teas, because of its truly versatile flavor profile. Oolong green tea has a strong natural flavor from the over-roasted tea leaves blended with earthen nuances. It is a mellow blend with an exceedingly mature relish. Organic Oolong tea is characterized by a strong energizing rich taste that comes from the hand rolling of its tea leaves to ensure that the aroma of the tea oils does not get lost. Grown in mystical mountain estates, the Oolong tea is a typical high mountain tea variant. Owing to its overpoweringly smooth and ripe taste, it is also often called the champagne of teas.

The cultivation, picking, and manufacture of Oolong tea requires skilled workers. The leaves are hand-rolled carefully to ensure that even a trace of flavor isn’t lost.