Collection: Organic FTGFOP Assam Orthodox Tea

The stronger, bolder, and richer cousin of orthodox green tea, Assam black tea is the new wonder ingredient that you will see everywhere. The beauty industry has found its latest obsession with black tea. Notable beauty and skincare giants are coming up with a range of products from face masks to night creams formulated with black tea extracts. 

It is the most popular variant of organic Assam tea among most western tea drinkers. Whereas most Asians prefer variants such as floral infusions, matcha, or green teas, Black tea is extremely popular in the west. It is so popular in the States that, in fact, when people are talking about the tea they are referring to black tea. Sun tea, iced tea, and afternoon tea are some of the most common names of black tea in the west. English breakfast and Earl Grey are also variants of black tea.