Yoga and Tea

Fatigue, tiredness can be related to both Mind and Body. The Mind can feel tiresome if there is stress and anxiety whereas the body may feel so if there is a hectic schedule without time for relaxing.

With the drastic changes in our lifestyle, our mind and body are affected. Yoga refers to relaxing the mind and the body through meditation and asanas. It purifies your mind by removing the undesired thoughts and rejuvenates you. A tired mind and body need a stimulus to get refreshed. Be it a cold, sunny day or a showering night, a cup of tea is always right.

Many people across the world have turned towards Yoga for good health and reducing weight. It helps to achieve balance in personal, professional, and social life, staying healthy, happy, and stress-free. Yoga and tea are very closely related. Most of the yoga studios will offer tea after practice. This helps in the transition before they get back to the fast pace of life again. Moreover, the growing awareness of the health benefits of tea makes it a very important addition before or after practicing yoga.

HaflongTea has invested a lot in organic teas and brings only premium tea leaves from the gardens. Each of the tea is hand-rolled by our artisan farmers. Here are some of the teas that you should drink from our collection before or after practicing Yoga.

Amour Épicé: This spicy yet comforting blend mingles the sweetness of cloves, the richness of cardamom, and the spiciness of ginger with the floral fragrance of bay leaves. You can add some honey and milk to it as well.
Flavor: Warm, aromatic, spicy, full-bodied, briskness with some astringency
Effect: Energizing, Soul warming
Perfect for: Before yoga practices especially in the morning or afternoon due to its invigorating and stimulating properties.

Amour Épicé

Tesoro Del Te: A taste of white gold from the pristine Assam valley in eastern India. This is the organic silver needle tea in our collection. The youngest leaves are picked by hand before sunrise and dried in the shade to create this delicate and balanced elixir.
Flavor: Elegant, delicate, sweet with floral notes
Effect: Refreshing and Rejuvenating
Perfect for: Any time of the day after yoga practice due to its calming and soothing properties

Tesoro Del Te

Verda Rozo: A true delicacy, this brew blends pure Assam green tea with the floral elegance of an English rose. A delightful treat that is sure to charm the senses. Rich rose petals are infused with our high-grown tea to transport you to a stately English country garden on a spring day.
Flavor: Sweet, aromatic, smooth, floral
Effect: Other than the huge benefits of green tea this blend is also good for complete relaxation of the soul and body.
Perfect for: Evening for Unwinding and relief stress

Verda Rose

Safran Des Indes: This tea merges the rejuvenating energy of turmeric the food of Sacral chakra-Svadhisthana with a host of organic ingredients from around the world. Each sip offers an exploration of new flavors and sensations.
Flavor: Aromatic, sweet, citrus, floral
Effect: Refreshing, comforting, relaxing and warming
Perfect for: Relief of stiffness or pain and feeling of comfort from the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric.

Safran Des Indes