The Benefits of Drinking Tea over Coffee for Healthy Lifestyle

Drinking tea and coffee is very common worldwide. These constitute a part of our lifestyle. What is interesting is to know how these beverages have different health benefits based on certain characteristics. Let this blog help you decide, how much or how less you should consume these beverages.

The level of caffeine content in tea & coffee

According to the research, no more than 400mg caffeine is good for humans, per day. Normally, one cup of coffee contains around 95 – 100 mg of caffeine, while the same cup of black tea can have only 47-50 mg of caffeine.

Number of variety and processes

There are distinct 4 variants in coffee. Most coffee variants are made under different roast degree and roast times which results in different aroma and flavor profiles.

Tea has more variants and distinct process than coffee. Some of the rare and limited tea need to be handpicked before the sunrise in the bud stage. You may check Haflong Tea collection “Tesoro Del Te” for more information. The artisan farmers play a very important role in the final flavor of the tea. Handcrafted and rolled to perfection many of this tea can be blended with natural ingredients that have unique health benefits. The varieties can be endless and blenders need a lot of creativity to come up with these surprises. Available worldwide you can start trying new blends at the click of a button. With a robust e-commerce platform, Haflong Tea brings a wide range of teas for you to try.

Effect on bones

The reputation of Coffee on our bones is one of the main issues. Research says, if we take more than 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day then it reduces 2 to 4 % of bone density. Elderly consumers, in particular, should take advice from their physician before the consumption of multiple cups of coffee. Anything in moderation is good. Another option is taking decaffeinated coffee or adding milk to your coffee.

Compared to coffee, research says, people who drink tea are less likely to develop osteoporosis. Try our teas with very low to nil caffeine- Touch of green collection and Herbal Collection.


Both tea & coffee, are loaded with antioxidants. As compared to coffee; tea (particularly green tea) has the highest level of antioxidants. This is believed to protect our cells from degeneration and boost the immune system. And the benefits don’t just stop here. It also helps to control blood pressure and cholesterol.

Three to four cups of tea a day can prevent heart attacks and reduce the risk of cancer. Enjoy these bountiful benefits in a cup brewed to perfection helping to relax and stay calm. Tea products like Haflong Green Tea are some of the best examples.

Regular drinking habits of organic tea are encouraged for a healthy lifestyle. However, in addition to drinking tea you should always go for checkups, exercise, and follow advice from your physician.