The Beginner’s Guide to Black Tea

Black tea, or more commonly known as “Red Tea” in many East Asian languages, has its origins in China. Today, the world has multiple variants of black tea, some notable ones include Assam Black Tea, English Breakfast and Darjeeling Black Tea.

Black tea usually presents itself as a dark amber liquor when brewed. Although black teas are known to have stronger flavours, there are still differences within the teas. For example, Assam black tea is known to have a rich, bold and robust taste with a fragrant aroma. On the other hand, world renowned Darjeeling Black Tea possesses a muscatel flavour.

There are four main grades when it comes to black tea, with the grades being dependent on the state and condition of the leaves. Whole leaves are sought after, with the best being graded as “Orange Pekoe”.

 Over the years, black tea blends have made a name for themselves. Popular blends include Irish Breakfast Tea and Chai Black Tea. Irish Breakfast is traditionally a blend of Assam and Ceylon Tea. It is a strong black tea blend, characterized by its compatibility with European-style breakfasts, hence inspiring the name.

Quintessentially India, Chai Black Tea mingles the sweetness of cloves, the richness of cardamom, and the spiciness of ginger with the floral fragrance of bay leaves. Introducing Haflong Tea’s very own chai tea, the Amour Épicé. The name translates into Love of Spices, fitting of this blend. Healing, refreshing, and evocative, this orthodox black tea conjures up a love story between aromatic spices and high-quality Assam tea.

black tea

Did you know that in Hindi Masala Chai translates to “Spiced Tea”?

You can serve your black tea hot or iced, whichever you may prefer. The smooth and heavy profile of black tea makes it a good foundation for many drinks. From Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea to Masala Chai Tea, black tea is a quintessential part of many cultures. If you prefer to keep things simple, throw in a dash of honey or a slice of lemon.

A common misconception among new tea lovers is that Oolong Tea is a type of black tea. However, Oolong Tea is actually a category of its own. It lies somewhere in between black tea and green tea.

The world of black tea may seem esoteric to many but we hope this beginner’s guide has helped expand your knowledge on these amber refreshments.