Tea and Running

For centuries, tea consumption has been related to boosting immunity and providing an instant refreshed mood. Nothing seems to have changed in the world of teas, except that today, people more so than ever are fascinated by the variety of tea available. 

Athletes are seen enjoying a healthy dose of caffeinated beverages for instant energy spring. One of the best options available today is exquisite teas! Trade worldwide has made it possible for tea companies to reach organic farmers and get the best of their offerings. 

Although Covid19 has hampered the marathon spirit within us, many companies are coming forward with virtual running technology to uplift and keep the running tradition going. Tea and running may sound unusual, but they are amazing when put together. 

Your virtual marathon companion

Many platforms are utilizing digital technology and coming up with virtual running races and marathons. D3VR offers a mobile app providing a virtual platform for all runners looking to practice like the pre-covid era. 

With this application, runners can be a part of their favorite exercise routine without worrying about social distancing. 

Why is organic tea better for runners pre or post-running?

For years, experts have studied the nutritional benefits of organic tea. If you're a runner looking for every sports nutrition edge you can get, including organic tea in your diet may pay off majorly.

Whether it is the Tales of Assam, Amour Èpicè, or Angelo Té, these tea beverages can be the perfect dose of energy for runners before a long marathon.

Post the run, choosing the correct type of tea, like the Safran Des Indes, is the essential part. This type of tea is Ayurvedic and provides an instant relaxing sensation due to its turmeric influence. Bonus point, it contains zero caffeine!

Running exercise

The immune system has been demonstrated to benefit from organic tea. The immune system keeps watching over the body, ready to "launch" its force if something hazardous enters the system. Many trainers also suggest their athletes consume freshly brewed tea to keep their body temperatures maintained. Runners might prefer to drink these freshly brewed tea with ice. However experts say that though hot tea may seem to make us feel hotter it may also help to sweat more and help to cool down the body faster.

One of these popular immunity-boosting teas is 'A touch of green ANGELOTÈ'. Another magical tea inspired by Ayurveda, this one has healing abilities, especially recommended for runners. 

organic green tea flavour

The diversity of tea flavors

Most runners avoided drinking tea due to the plain taste of traditional tea available in the market. But that isn't the case anymore. Ecommerce tea companies bring you a variety of tea options that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. 

And it's not just the flavors of such tea that captivate the drinker. Some of them are so unique that they have visually pleasing features. Undoubtedly, running can be a stressful time and takes up a lot of energy. Brewing and sipping on such unique tea can help relax your mind and give you time to reflect on yourself. 

Call it a warm, homely therapeutic session. Ingredients like ginger, lavender, and other floral essences can help reduce the strong headache runners often get after a long session. 

Become a part of the virtual running world and have a freshly brewed cup of Haflong tea to refresh and energize you for an impactful performance! Visit D3VR for the latest updates.