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Sit back and savour a delightful cup of fragrant Blooming tea and give yourself away to a newfound bliss of tranquillity.  Blooming tea is essentially a concoction of selected green tea or black tea leaves combined with dried flower buds that metamorphose into a floral bulb as soon as they are placed in boiling water. The exuberant floral notes of exotic flowers hit your palate as you take the first sip. Don’t let the tender aroma fool you into thinking that the tea has a mild flavour. As you take one sip after another, you experience the exquisite burst of extraordinary flavours.

The process is exceedingly delightful to watch. Owing to its delicious taste and aesthetic method of preparation, it is a regular component in high-tea menus of the cafes and tea rooms across the world. Blooming tea is artfully curated with specially chosen flowers that have numerous health benefits. Blooming tea often comes in special secure foil packaging to ensure that the aroma and essence of the tea do not get lost in processing and packaging.

Blooming tea is becoming an increasingly popular tea variant among tea drinkers across the world owing to its benefits to overall health and beauty, its anti-ageing properties and health-inducing ingredients. The spirit of this tea is truly joyful and fresh. Blooming tea is relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

Amaranth, Jasmine, Lily, Marigold, and Rose are some of the most common flowers fused with selected green and black tea leaves to formulate Blooming teas.

A cup of warm floral tea can be a perfect accompaniment to your dinner or an ideal post-meal drink. The entrancing floral aroma can help you sleep sound.

Experience profound satisfaction as you sip our handcrafted blooming tea “Spirito Di Vita” from Celebration Collection. The name means the spirit of life. A brew that’s sure to spark love and joy as the edible flowers bloom into vibrant colours.

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Client Reviews

The tea can came in a nicely packaged box and I love how smooth the tea is :) love it with milk too!


I like the taste of the tea especially coming from the orange peel. It’s not too sweet for me as well!

Yinghua L.

Totally love the fragrance and the taste of this tea! The color is so pretty as well. I’m also a big fan of pretty packaging. ❤️😍

Apple N.

Love the tin packaging and of course, the actual tea that is so fragrant and aromatic. Comes in individual packets which is always a plus, makes it very convenient for a daily morning or afternoon tea!


This is an Assam green tea with organic rose petals. Really light yet refreshing, with a floral undertone that is not overpowering. Good for cleansing the palate too!

Charyz O.

Amazing! Didn’t know chocolate tea exists! This tea has a deep aroma with a hint of chocolate. Delicious! 💖

Michelle K.

Love this tea! Taste exactly as described, the comforting and relaxing helps a lot with sleepless nights

Carlers T.

fast delivery and item came in perfect condition. The tea tastes very fresh and floral, just the way tea should be. The interesting colour made it very fun to drink as well!


The tea is very fragrant and i love it! It does contains caffeine which keeps me awake in the day, but doesn’t affect with my sleep. Highly recommended to try it, by far my favourite tea ☺️

Celine H.

Item was packed nicely and came in good condition. Love the smell and taste of the tea as well! Will purchase again!

Foo Y.

Love the combination of tea and chocolate! Smells really fragrant and yummy! My family love it too... best purchase!

Angelina P.

Worth the money as there are 15 tea bags inside! Very relaxing and calming as i drank this during my study break😌 have a little green tea taste to it which i really like:) the color definitely attracts me!

Chung W.

Well received the tea with great packaging and swift response. Love the subtle fragrance of this luxurious tea and the delicate flavour. 😊


Love the fast delivery! Seller packed the tea nicely and quality of tea is good. Will order again!

Alyssa C.

Tea has a slight sweet sensation. Refreshing and relaxing after drinking! Love it especially with the exotic taste👍🏻

Evelyn L.

Nice packaging that looks really attractive. Great handcrafted green tea. Drank it for my afternoon tea break. Appreciating the fresh and floral at every sip, this tea makes me feel calm!


Delivery was very fast and the tea was packaged really well! The tea smells super good too!

Megan T.

Love the awesome blend of cocoa and organic Assam tea. Great breakfast , tea and with dessert

Jaime C.

My new fave tea! Love the combination of green tea and blue pea! I put fresh lemon to make it extra!!!


love the floral taste of this tea! and how its so calming to the souls!