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Stress has become the only constant in today's busy lives. The pandemic has only worsened the situation even more. People are trapped inside their houses, which has reduced social interactions, leading to a buildup of greater stress and anxiety. And the harmful effects of excessive stress isn't unknown to us. Various diseases like heart problems, diabetes etc., have their roots in stress and tension. 

Researchers have found out a special technique of meditation called "mindfulness". Being mindful means nothing but being fully aware of the present situation. The majority of people go with the flow of life, hardly observing the intricate details.

When we deliberately choose to focus on the activities going around us, our stress response gets lowered automatically. Now drinking tea has a great role to play in this process, which we shall discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. 

Green Tea Drink

The process

If you have a habit of drinking tea daily, this can be your best opportunity to step into the world of mindfulness and meditation. The most important thing to do here is explore your senses of hearing, tasting, seeing and feeling.

While boiling the water, hear the various sounds coming from it. See the steam emerging from the kettle. You shouldn't just analyze it but feel and observe the scene. Try to feel your feet touching the floor or your body sitting on a sofa or chair. 

Observe the transition of plain water into tea, the change in colour and take in the aroma. Hear the tinkling sound while tea is being poured into the cup. While doing all these things, your mind will automatically shift from any source of stress. 

morning green tea

Now comes the part where you start drinking the tea. One thing must be kept in mind, never rush or gulp down the tea. That would defeat the entire purpose of the process. Let the warmth of the liquid tickle your taste buds and introduce a new vigour. Do not bring any judgments in between. Several thoughts will come into your mind, and go, don't follow them. 

While swallowing, notice if it's an involuntary reflex or an intentional decision. How does it feel when the liquid goes down the throat? All this while, keep your attention on the happenings in your surroundings and within your body. Remember that there is nothing wrong or right to notice here. From the perspective of meditation, the main goal is to become aware of the mind. 

You do not need to follow every step. The vital thing here is to include mindfulness into your daily routine, which is being done with the help of tea. As a drink, tea is known to possess multiple healing benefits. It heightens mental activity and improves the quality of sleep. You will notice the results in your work efficiency and overall quality of life within a few weeks. Following this method will have positive rewards in the long run.

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I like the taste of the tea especially coming from the orange peel. It’s not too sweet for me as well!

Yinghua L.

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Apple N.

Love the tin packaging and of course, the actual tea that is so fragrant and aromatic. Comes in individual packets which is always a plus, makes it very convenient for a daily morning or afternoon tea!


This is an Assam green tea with organic rose petals. Really light yet refreshing, with a floral undertone that is not overpowering. Good for cleansing the palate too!

Charyz O.

Amazing! Didn’t know chocolate tea exists! This tea has a deep aroma with a hint of chocolate. Delicious! 💖

Michelle K.

Love this tea! Taste exactly as described, the comforting and relaxing helps a lot with sleepless nights

Carlers T.

fast delivery and item came in perfect condition. The tea tastes very fresh and floral, just the way tea should be. The interesting colour made it very fun to drink as well!


The tea is very fragrant and i love it! It does contains caffeine which keeps me awake in the day, but doesn’t affect with my sleep. Highly recommended to try it, by far my favourite tea ☺️

Celine H.

Item was packed nicely and came in good condition. Love the smell and taste of the tea as well! Will purchase again!

Foo Y.

Love the combination of tea and chocolate! Smells really fragrant and yummy! My family love it too... best purchase!

Angelina P.

Worth the money as there are 15 tea bags inside! Very relaxing and calming as i drank this during my study break😌 have a little green tea taste to it which i really like:) the color definitely attracts me!

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Well received the tea with great packaging and swift response. Love the subtle fragrance of this luxurious tea and the delicate flavour. 😊


Love the fast delivery! Seller packed the tea nicely and quality of tea is good. Will order again!

Alyssa C.

Tea has a slight sweet sensation. Refreshing and relaxing after drinking! Love it especially with the exotic taste👍🏻

Evelyn L.

Nice packaging that looks really attractive. Great handcrafted green tea. Drank it for my afternoon tea break. Appreciating the fresh and floral at every sip, this tea makes me feel calm!


Delivery was very fast and the tea was packaged really well! The tea smells super good too!

Megan T.

Love the awesome blend of cocoa and organic Assam tea. Great breakfast , tea and with dessert

Jaime C.

My new fave tea! Love the combination of green tea and blue pea! I put fresh lemon to make it extra!!!


love the floral taste of this tea! and how its so calming to the souls!