Isolation - A time for self-reflection with Haflong Tea

Today, the world is fighting the pandemic, and stay at home is the norm in our otherwise hectic lifestyle. While everyone is doing their best to adapt, the change has been easier for only some of the people. There might be ongoing restrictions after lockdown is uplifted to win our battle against coronavirus and that can be the new norm going forward.

In life, we cannot always control what happens to us but one thing we can control is to choose how we react to it. Haflong Tea takes some time to reflect on how to cope up with “Isolation” & pair the tea that best relates to it.

1) Enjoy a slower pace in life. This is an extraordinary time and it’s a good time to interact with your thoughts. Focus on what you desire and not what you don’t want. What you focus on is what you get eventually.

This sudden change to a minimal lifestyle is an opportunity to revaluate what is essential in life. A time to start things fresh, anything that you want to let go and make yourself better. This is a time when we have been forced to move out of our comfort zone and overindulgence of material things. Acknowledge the fact that you are surviving this phase with grace and enormous courage.

Our best tea to complement this would be Verda Rozo from A touch of green Collection.  Rich rose petals are infused with our high-grown tea to transport you to a stately English country garden on a spring day.


2) Surround yourself with positivity.  Learn a new skill maybe a new language, use some time to make origami, do cooking, writing, or simply read a book. Start positive conversations with friends and family to lift their spirits up. Help others with good advice and let your actions inspire people to do the same. Avoid negative posts and news, instead use the internet time to search for free videos on honing up your new skill.

Drink our Amour Èpicè tea from Exotic Black Blends. This blend surely raises the positive vibrations around you.  Healing, refreshing, and evocative, this tea conjures up a love story between aromatic spices and high-quality Assam tea.

3) Practice meditation every day even if it is for 2 minutes. If this is new for you then it is perfectly fine to start very small and try to increase by a minute every week. Meditation is known to be an effective way to deal with stress, uncertainty, and anxiety. While exercise keeps your body fit mediation will help to keep your mind healthy.

Pay attention to your breath and leave it there for 2 minutes. If your mind wanders into thoughts simply acknowledge and bring your attention back to the breath. This is perfectly fine. As you finish your meditation please remember to thank yourself for the effort.

None other than Safran Des Indes, our zero caffeine turmeric blend is the best to drink after your meditation. This tea merges the rejuvenating energy of turmeric with a host of organic ingredients from around the world. Turmeric is also one of the food to feed your chakras.

4) Gratitude helps to keep yourself happier and healthier. Researchers say that a simple act of feeling grateful has an outstanding effect on mental and physical wellbeing. Expressing appreciation and fostering a feeling of gratitude can help motivate people at home and outside. We can create a more collaborative, generous work culture through this approach.

Look at how the dried flowers come back to life.  Try our “ Spirito Di Vita” from  Celebration Collection. You will surely appreciate the work of the artisan farmers who have hand-rolled the dried leaves and flowers into this tea ball full of surprises. This is the spirit of life and Haflong Tea brings this message through their collection of teas.