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Kakao Kreme

Handcrafted organic Assam tea and organic chocolate.


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Chocolate Tea :

Cocoa tea, Chocolate Chai or chocolate tea is the new age chocolaty take on tea. It is the perfect chocolate-based tea concoction for those who can’t get enough of either. Until the last decade, chocolate teas were famous only as a part of various fad diets, for those trying to get over their chocolate addiction.

It is now a popular tea variant especially preferred as a warm winter drink. It started as a South American drink. Made from the combination of fine cocoa beans and choicest black tea leaves, cocoa tea is flavourful and divine.

Contrary to popular belief it is not an exceedingly chocolaty drink. It does not have the richness or the creaminess of hot chocolate. It has a unique flavour of its own. It combines the delectable taste of chocolate with the pleasant taste of tea. It tastes even better with a dash of milk. The actual touch of the chocolate is more in the aroma than the taste.

Chocolate tea is also associated with several health benefits.

Cocoa is widely known to reduce inflammation, improve the flow of blood in veins, substantially control blood pressure spikes and improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It is also known as a mood booster.

Chocolate lovers rejoice. This dark elixir combines organic Assam black tea with dark chocolate pieces to produce an irresistible flavor profile. Enjoy the interplay of the tannins and sweetness on your tongue and explore new flavors with every sip.

Origin: Handmade with love by the local farmers of Upper Assam.

Ingredients: Handcrafted organic Assam tea and organic chocolate.

Caffeine level: Medium

Brewing temperature: 100°Celsius / 212°Fahrenheit

Brewing time: Teacup: 2-3 mins/ Teapot: 3-5 mins

Re-steeping Teacup: 3-5 times.

Re-steeping time: 4,6,8 minutes

FLAVOR: Aromatic, chocolate flavor, Smooth

EFFECT: Relaxing and slightly sweet sensation

PERFECT for Afternoon and evening tea and go very well as a dessert tea.



  • Fill kettle with fresh water. Do not use previously boiled water. Water that has been previously boiled loses oxygen and can weaken the flavor of your tea.
  • Ensure water is heated to the proper temperature for steeping
  • Warm the teapot and/or teacup with the hot water. Pour some of the freshly heated water in teapot or teacup and rinse. This will warm the teapot or teacup, keeping tea hot for a longer period of time.
  • Pour the water and brew the tea. Let the tea infuse for three to five minutes depending on your desired strength. When your tea is steeped, remove the infuser.

To discover the delicate subtleness of each tea always follow the instructions. Feel free to experiment with dosage, time or temperature when you get accustomed to tea. Higher temperatures, larger amounts of leaves and longer steeping time will result in stronger tea with more astringency.

Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that this store will be the next big thing in its industry, and that its products will be timeless.

Steve Jordans

Tried Verda Rozo, and instantly fell in love with it! Such high quality fragrance and also I love mild caffeine tea. Anyway the packaging is really pretty too, great for gifting

Yixin Ascione Sng

I'm blessed to get the chance to try the different beautiful flavors available. My favorite is Spirito Di Vita 😀 . Something very idyllic about watching the flowers slowly "bloom" and fills up the glass. It taste as beautiful as it looks!

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